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Sitting pretty

With a pistol in hand

Faye Valentine (OU)
14 August

Character: Faye Valentine; Aliases and nicknames: Poker Alice, Queen of Hearts, Sleeping Beauty, Faye-Faye
Series/Fandom: Cowboy Bebop, anime series and movie (some details of character’s history may be borrowed from the manga Cowboy Bebop or Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star)
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: 77 (appears to be 23)
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Faye is 168 cm (5’ 6”), slender, curvaceous, long-legged, and large-breasted (bust 85 cm, waist 57 cm, hips 80 cm). Her hair is dark purple, straight, and cut to neck-length. Her skin is usually pale in color and her eyes are green. She is of Chinese ethnicity. Faye takes great care with her appearance, carefully maintaining flawless skin, manicured nails, sculpted brows, and elegant makeup. Faye’s usual mode of dress is a two-piece yellow leather outfit. The top half is collared, sleeveless, held together in the front with a large metal snap or clip, and ends a few inches below her breasts. The bottom half is a pair of short-shorts, teasingly open at the top and covering from just below her navel to the joining of her legs to her hips. The two halves are connected with a complicated arrangement of elastic suspenders. She completes the outfit with an orange-yellow headband, a red long-sleeved, open-front shirt that she usually wears tied in front and loose around her shoulders and arms, thigh-length flesh-tone hose worn without garters, and white heeled boots that come up just past the ankles.

Personality: Faye’s usual outward persona is cool confidence. She is intelligent, streetwise rather than academic. Despite how she dresses, Faye does not appreciate being manhandled. Her appearance is a carefully calculated weapon that she uses to put men off their guard. She will flirt with pretty much anyone, but it is rarely more than a show. Faye is whiny when dissatisfied, loud when angry, and only occasionally shows fear. She is often sarcastic. Faye is moody, quickly pushed to annoyance, anger, or hysteria, and easily bored. When stressed, Faye will pick a fight, but generally has enough strength and confidence to come out on top. Her over-confidence frequently gets her in trouble, however. Faye has an incurable addiction to cigarettes, and to gambling, which she will cheat at when she can. She will almost invariably give a lie or a story before the truth when asked personal questions. Often lazy and careless, Faye will often attempt to use others to get what she wants. Usually a loner by choice, Faye will work with others when it benefits her, but will lie, steal, and sabotage when this behavior benefits her more. Faye’s rough behavior covers a vulnerability that she rarely shows to anyone; in the innermost part of her, she is deeply lonely.

Abilities/Strengths: Faye is very capable in hand-to-hand combat. She is an ace shot with a pistol, a skill at which few can match her. She is also quite competent with other types of guns. Faye is an excellent pilot of small, “narrow-sense” monomachines, especially her own monocarrier the Redtail, and proficient at employing the weapons systems of these craft. Faye is extremely good at the sleight of hand necessary to cheat at cards, pick locks, and other sorts of delicate, morally reprehensible behavior. Faye is strong, confident, smart, adaptable, and not above using dirty tricks. She is aware of her beauty, sex appeal, and good fashion sense, and uses these to her advantage.

Weaknesses: Although she is strong and very skilled at combat, Faye is still just a young woman, and can be overpowered by a group or strong individual if taken unawares. Her addiction to gambling causes her to lose money faster than she can earn it. Her careless attitude and over-confidence gets her in trouble frequently. Faye is lonely and unwillingly dependent on others for her emotional wellbeing. Having lost everything she ever knew while she slept in cryostasis, she feels compelled to seek replacements for her home and family. Her 54-year sleep has also placed her unprepared in a universe she knows nothing about, and she has only had 3 years to educate herself; for this reason, she has many gaps in her knowledge that can cause trouble for her unexpectedly. Finally, Faye finds it extremely difficult to say no to a certain Spike Spiegel, for whom she holds unrequited feelings.

Notable Possessions: Faye carries these things with her at all times: a Glock 30 automatic pistol and ammunition, a handheld multi-purpose communication device (satellite phone with video screen, infra-red camera, chemical analysis, and external monitor hook-up capabilities), a lock pick, a small make-up kit, a lighter, and a pack of cigarettes.

History: Under this cut.

Housing: Sor-Dyo. Roommates: None currently.

Disclaimer: This is a role-playing journal for econtra_rpg by zolac_no_miko.
[Faye Valentine] © [Sunrise and Bandai Entertainment].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.
alleviating boredom, avoiding debt collectors, avoiding prison, bars, cards, casinos, catching bountyheads, coming out on top, dogs, drinking, fighting, gambling, guns, looking beautiful, maintaining beauty, making money, money, monomachines, my monocarrier, ponies, shooting, smoking, spike spiegel, taking your money, tanning, the bebop, the redtail